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Parceltoyou.com manages to remain a leader in transport and logistics industry

Even though the shipping and logistics industry represents a very competitive terrain, which makes the expectations of the customers increase significantly, some companies manage to maintain the quality of their services while others like R M C (Parceltoyou.com) are not satisfied to remain at the same level and they strive to improve themselves and become leaders on the market. They formed solid relationships with carriers and vendors in order to ensure their superiority in front of their competitors and use the modern technology in their advantage and provide benefits to their clients. Their customer service department is available around the clock and ready to handle incoming communications. In addition, you have the possibility to choose from e-mail, phone or online chats the most suitable alternative for you and receive immediate answer.

R M C is committed to evolution and has a serious attitude regarding its purpose in the industry. Thus, they have managed to build a reputation among their clients and receive respect from other competitors. They keep the products of their clients in the best conditions because all their facilities dispose of temperature control, shrink wrapping, heat tunneling and more. Other essential services this company offers are order handling meaning that your order is closely supervised from the moment it arrives at their facility, product customization meaning that they can create new labels for new products, quality control meaning that regular inspections are made in order to ensure the condition of the merchandise and inspect inventory levels. Furthermore, they provide consulting services for tech problems, floor plans and freight brokerage, among others.

The company functions on the principle: we are successful only when our clients are successful and satisfied with our services. The members of their staff are carefully selected and have to meet several requirements including the ability of making important decisions under pressure, be able to work in a team and transform the needs of their customer into the main priority. Even after they are accepted, they still receive training with the purpose to develop their performances and evolve as individuals. For each client, two representatives are always available to meet their needs and make sure that find quick solution to any type of problem. These are all signs that the company disposes of the most professional staff.

As leader in the transport and logistics industry, R M C (Parceltoyou.com) pays close attention to its actions and tries to avoid as much as possible to affect the surrounding environment. They not only state this but also put it into practice by finding new ways to minimize their carbon footprint, eliminate the paperwork, avoid regular replacement in terms of tools and equipment and instead rely on durable ones and maintain positive relationships with their partners and other members in the community. Moreover, their goal is to stay in touch with the latest technology and innovations that could facilitate their progress on the market, use any available resources to maintain their solid position, provide safety for their employees and protection for their clients’ information and use the feedback as a way to improve their business practices. Address: 2280 Market St, Suite 205, Riverside, CA 92501

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