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5 Effective Advertising Strategies For Your Business

These days it’s all about advertising and making your name known by all to have any success in businesses of all types. Therefore, avoid taking care only of your loyal costumers, but rather try to attract as many as you can with the help of the following advertising methods to ensure that your businesses will be successful.

Social media

You have to make your business get noticed on the social media websites if you want people to know about your existence these days. To make your business visible on social media platforms, you have to make accounts on websites like Facebook or Google+. For example, if you make a Facebook page for your business, and keep it updated with your latest promotions, discounts, and events, everyone will be interested in it and add the page to their list of friends, to know if anything new is happening. By being in the Facebook list of customers, other people will see your business on their page and want to see for themselves where the business is located and what it has to offer.

Contests with prizes

We all like to win a prize, no matter how big or small it is, therefore attract costumers by holding at least one contest every year in which they are compensated with products from the store if they win. This way, you advertise your products in a fun manner. For example, if you have a mini-market, you can hold pie eating contests and award the winner with a basket filled with your top quality products, or if you have an electronics store, you can hold a gaming contest and the winner could win the latest iPhone or Samsung smartphone.

Product giveaways

Product giveaway is popular with new food and household products, so the costumers can see for themselves if they like the product by testing it first. But our advice is to have product giveaways on as many products as you can, because this way people will see that you are not afraid to allow them to test, being assured that what you give them is good and has a great quality.

Special discounts for loyal costumers

When owning a business, always treat your costumers nice, but be more careful around the recurrent and loyal costumers, because they are the ones that will put money in your wallet for a long time if you treat them well. Therefore, you could offer discount cards or loyalty cards to all of your recurrent costumers, and every time they shop from your store, they can benefit from a 10-15% discount, for example. By doing this you will definitely have more recurrent costumers, because everyone looks for a place where they are given advantages and that makes them feel special.

Direct marketing

Many business owners make the mistake of considering direct marketing to be old fashioned, but actually it’s very effective and it approaches the client in a way that modern social media advertising could never do. Direct marketing is achieved by sending letters and promotional pamphlets to everyone who lives in the area of your business, by directly calling them to tell them about promotions and discounts, or even by door-to-door informing about the latest promotions.

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