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Becoming a better business leader – qualities you should focus on

Improving your emotional intelligence is the first thing you should focus on when you want to become a better leader. Leaders are different from bosses meaning that you should know how to treat your employees so that you don’t risk losing them in the long run. Actually, treating your employees well can lead to them respecting you and building their loyalty, which will only help your business grow.

Becoming more and more successful always has to do with being a good leader, and you should get informed on what qualities to focus on and develop in order to be appreciated by your employees. This article is going to talk about learning how to listen, about taking action whenever it is required, about apologizing when you are wrong, about becoming more emphatic, about praising the others more and other details that have to do with being a true leader.


Empathizing with others and promoting tolerance

Empathy is a quality that bosses lack and leaders hold on to dearly. Being capable to put yourself in the shoes of your employees is a quality that’s difficult to master. A true leader will always know when to pay more attention to his team and offer it the support and motivation it needs. Being both empathic and tolerant is a must when running a business with diverse employees that need individual appreciation and reassurance. Follow the example of Doctor Viatcheslav Kantor, a person that knows how to promote tolerance and acceptance. Entrepreneurs that also have the quality of accepting others and putting themselves in their places are always more successful and appreciated than the rest.

Learning how to listen

Listening to what your employees think about the working environment, the tasks they are being given, their personal problems that interfere with their work performance and other relevant details that can affect their productivity is very important. You should focus on improving your capacity to communicate effectively but also to listen twice as much as you speak. Employees need to find comfort in speaking with their leader and you should find solutions for the issues that occur so that everyone is pleased with the situation. Don’t ignore the problems of your employees.

Being vulnerable, but not too vulnerable

It’s important to show some sort of vulnerability to your employees, but you shouldn’t get to the point where they can actually control the decisions you make based on this vulnerability. Whenever you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologize for it. Better yourself so that the situation doesn’t occur again in the future and your employees will know that you are putting in an effort to become a better leader. People will respect you if you assume the mistakes you make. This sort of vulnerability refers to being capable of showing that you are not perfect or better compared to others and that you still have things to learn too. Don’t hide your failings and employees will appreciate your progress.


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