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Bedding Sales Tips

Any bedding store owner needs to make his store and the items that are on sale be the talk of the town if they want to have success. If you are in this business and you want to maximize your sales, take a look at our bedding sales tips to have costumers and money coming your way.

Know Your Products

When selling bedding supplies, you need to be very familiar with all of the products. You must know not only which is the 2015 best firm mattress, but also which mattresses are allergen free, which of them are suited for back pains and so on. Moreover, it is not enough to know which is the 2015 best firm mattress. You have more chances of impressing your costumers if you tell them about the different layers of the mattress, how it supports the body and so on. The same goes for sheets as people can be very pretentious when it comes to the comfort of their beds. Organize the sheets according to fabrics so that you can easily find the products required by certain customers.

Make your customers feel happy

A business owner that wants to achieve success has to make the costumers feel happy when they enter the store, bedding stores being no exception to this rule. You can’t have recurrent clients if you don’t take your time to talk to them, cheer them up, and listen to them. Keep the customers with a smile on their face by having one on yours at all times as well. A cute idea to make your store more friendly to customers of all ages is to have a mascot. Instead of spending extra money on another employee to occupy this spot, you can ask an employee to play this role once in a while, when you have discounts and promotions on certain articles. This way you keep the clients amused in a simple and fun way, while promoting the items that have considerable discounts, or the new models of mattresses or covers that just came in. Other methods to keeping the customers happy are to play peaceful and soothing music in the background, to make sure a sales person is always attending them to answer any questions they might have, to offer preferential discounts to all the loyal and recurrent customers, and to have small events that involve your products as prizes once every year on a set date.

Test out the product

In bedding stores it’s vital to let the customer test the product before buying it. After all, how are you expecting a person to know which is the most comfortable mattress to choose if they don’t lay back on it to feel for themselves? If you allow your customers to use your sheets, your mattresses, pillows, and any other item in the store, they will trust you more and will definitely leave the store with at least one item. By allowing them to try out anything they are interested in, you don’t raise any suspicion on the product’s quality either, and you make the client feel like he’s at home, not having to be stiff and scared about touching anything. To make this rule clear, put a sign at the entrance that notifies them they can try out your products, because not many stores have signs like these, and there might be people who are too shy to ask.

Take objections in consideration

No matter how much effort you put in to make everyone happy, there will be people who will have complaints. It’s normal, we all do it, and it’s impossible to satisfy every single person. What you can do is to listen to what they have to say, and if there are any complaints, either change and comply to what the customer asks, or explain politely why their request can’t be fulfilled. Most complaints are related to the price of the products anyway. For example, memory foam mattresses are more expensive than other models, and if a client doesn’t like the price, you can politely explain why it costs so much, and remind that quality comes with a price.

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