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Boosting employee productivity with an outdoor space – key aspects to consider


Investing in an outdoor area is one of the most effective ways to revitalize a monotonous office environment. Not only can an office building with beautiful surroundings draw more interest, possibly resulting in new customers, but it will also increase employee efficiency in the office.

Very few things compare with being able to spend a few minutes outside after a long client conference or after you just met an important deadline, not to mention team meetings will be that much more productive if they happen outside, where there’s sun and plants around.

If you are looking to improve the space surrounding your office building, it’s always best that you seek professional help. However, if you want to start doing things all by yourself, below are some tips to help you get started.


Provide lots of seating options

The seating areas are the most critical aspect you need to focus on since it is where the workers can spend the majority of their free time. Consider choosing different seating options to accommodate as many situations as possible and ensure that everybody can spend some time out in the sun when they need to.

You can use Oppdalskifer Oslo to pave the seating areas for an extra design touch, but your main focus should be providing your employees with a place where they can eat their lunch, meet with their team, or enjoy a few minutes alone. Big tables should never miss from an outdoor office space, but remember to install some more private options as well, for those that want to spend some time by themselves.


Water elements improve employee productivity levels

There are very few things more calming than the sound of running water, especially after a heated business meeting. By installing some water features, you will add to the relaxing feeling of the area, and your employees will be very thankful.

You can install a small outdoor fountain next to the seating area, or better yet, a birdbath, to attract more nature into your small place. Use Oppdalskifer to decorate and delimit the area and to add more personality to the space. You can also go ahead and create a small body of water, such as a pond, to further improve relaxation. If space is an issue, you can always install a mock wall waterfall, which has the same effect and can be surrounded by some dekorstein to create a real landscaping project.


Give your employees the option to work outdoors

Every once in a while, your employees may want to move their office outside to enjoy more time spent in the sun. To help them out, consider installing work tables and outlets where they can plug in their computers and do their job out in the fresh air. If you live in a sunny place, make your outdoor space more comfortable by adding plenty of shade.

In the end, remember that each business is unique and has specific needs. Discuss with your employees and consider their opinions as well when working on the outdoor space. 

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