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Bring your kid to work day – what managers should do?

For parents it is always fun to bring their kids to work, but for you as the manager of the company might be difficult, because you have so many things to do, for everything to go smooth. It does not matter the region where you work, kids of all ages come to their parents’ office to see what they do on a daily basis. And if you want to have happy employees then you should make this program an official one for your company. You will soon see that all the employees who are also parents will sign their child to the program. You have to organize the event in such a way to be considered an enriching and positive experience for the people involved. For this you will have to fill the day with interactive activities children could learn from.

Choose a theme for the event

This day should not be one during which kids come with their parents to work to see them fill reports. If you do not organize activities the children will consider this day a torture and the parents a distraction from their work, because they will not be able to focus on their work, when the children play around. For example you can choose a theme inspired by Jurassic park, because children love dinosaurs. You should ask some of the employees who do not have children if they would like to dress in best t rex costume when the children are around. Fill the day with activities that help children understand better the history of dinosaurs and you will manage to keep them engaged. Also, you should not forget to feed the children because the last thing you need is children running around and screaming because they are hungry.

Engage all the employees

Even if there are employees who do not have children, you should not ask them work while the others to have fun and spend time together with their children. They will feel bad because they do not have a little one to bring to work and they are punished to work. You can engage them in activities, and ask them form a team to organize the event. Also, this day should be open to all employees being them leaders or interns.

Decide how long the children will stay at the office

When you plan this type of event you have to check with the parents the average age of the little ones, because you have to know for how long they can stay at the office without getting tired. You have to know for how much time you rent the toys to entertain the little ones, and when the catering company to bring the food. You also have to talk with the parents to see if they could let their children to school or child care when the event ends. In case the parents have no one to help them with the kids, you either plan the even for the entire work time, or offer the parents some free time that day.

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