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Business Ideas for Young People

When you are young, you want to make money out of anything, but you might not have the resources, the knowledge or the experience necessary to put together a big business with a high fiscal value. But if you have an entrepreneur’s spirit and you are attracted into the business field, you can manage to create a successful business using simple, yet effective ideas. You can try one of the following business ideas that require little investment and the desire to succeed.

Handmade items

For talented people who can turn even the plainest nothing into something gorgeous, handmade items are a great business idea that can bring plenty of profit. You can create jewelry, decorations, special items for weddings or anniversaries, or gifts of all kinds and the best part is that you will use your creativity to the maximum. You can find online tutorials that teach you exactly what you need and how you can create beautiful handmade objects.

Computer or phone service

If you are good with techs, this business will suit you perfectly and you will not have to invest much money in it. All you will need is a reliable dealer that will offer you quality spare components for computers, phones, or other tech gadgets. With your technical abilities, you will be able to fix people’s devices and create a wide range of customers.


With a sewing machine and some tailoring skills, you can create a profitable business that will bring you many satisfactions. If you have a relative who is good at creating clothes and accessories, you can even start a family business and you will be thankful for all the help you can get.

Car washing

This business idea can be a lot of fun if you convince some friends to come along with you and if you have a house with a yard, you will only have to purchase a water jet Karcher so you can wash the cars. A vacuum cleaner and some cleaning products and your car wash is ready to start.


If you like to make cakes and sweets, you can turn this passion into a successful business idea that will allow you to combine pleasure and profit. You won’t have to invest much in cookware, as you probably already have them at home and you will have the satisfaction that your work will make someone’s day sweeter.

Pet sitting

This is something that most teenagers do in order to make some spending money and you can turn it into a profitable business. Organize the chores, offer customers reliability and safety and even extend your services to taking the pet to the doctor, bathing them or keeping them over for weekends in case their owners need to travel.

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