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Can Traffic Tickets Be Deducted as Business Expenses?

Business expenses can either be deductible or not. If they are deductible, they can be subtracted from the income of the company before they can become subject to taxation. The deductible expenses include expenses that are seen as being necessary, ordinary, and reasonable. If you own a business in which yourself and your employees use company cars, you would definitely love to have your traffic tickets be deducted as business expenses. To find out whether this is possible or not, read the following lines.

Can I deduct my traffic tickets?

Any business that gives the employees and higher-ups company cars, distribution businesses, taxi businesses, and all businesses that involve driving a work car would have much to gain if the traffic ticket would be deducted as business expenses. This unfortunately is strictly prohibited anywhere, therefore you can’t pass the speeding tickets you or your employees got during office hours as being business expenses. Other business expenses that are prohibited by law from being deducted beside traffic tickets are bribes, the clothing people wear to work, unless they are uniforms, and expenditures that are unreasonably large.

Prevent them from happening

The best solution to avoid having a ton of traffic tickets on your hand, and for the employees to stop throwing their salaries away on speeding tickets, is to buy radar detectors. Research the market, by looking for the best radar detector 2016 units. Newer models are expected be more accurate that this year’s radar detectors. Wait a few months and read the best radar detector 2016 reviews to see how other customers will be rating the newly released radar detectors. If you have a taxi, delivery, or distribution business you can deduct the radar detectors as being business expenses, and from there on no one will have any problem with traffic tickets anymore. These devices are able to detect if in proximity there are police officials that are using a radar gun, and by being warned about their presence you can slow down and walk by them without any problem. They aren’t illegal, and they help in other situations as well, not only to detect radar guns. For example, certain radar detector have a GPS navigation feature that saves you a lot of space by making the radar detector double as a navigating system, and that detects speed traps, and other threats. A radar detector with the GPS navigation feature is especially great for those who work in distribution of any kind, because they have to reach different places everyday, and they might lose precious time on orientation if they don’t know what route to take to reach those places. The conclusion is that while you may not be able to deduct your traffic tickets as business expenses, you can actually avoid getting them in the first place in a legal and easy way, by simply purchasing the innovative radar detector.

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