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Events you should attend in order to attract co-founders and partners

Events you should attend in order to attract co-founders and partners

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Making your business evolve is surely not an easy thing. You need to consider various factors that can influence the future of your company at all times, and it might get tiring if you don’t possess the right resources or knowledge. When you feel like you can no longer cope with all the intricacies of owning a business, you may want to find a co-founder or a partner to help you overcome difficult times. At first, your business was probably manageable, and it didn’t represent a matter to worry about.

Once it grows, especially if it does it fast, you may start to understand that managing a business all by yourself is a road paved with ups and downs. Needing support during these times is not wrong. You can reach out for help whenever you consider it necessary. The best way to find people who would understand what you are going through and who would be able to offer help at the same time, you need to attend different kinds of business events, where buyers and suppliers meet and exchange ideas. This article will list a few events types you should get engaged whenever you have a chance.



You probably already heard about buyer meet supplier forums. These are the places where people who work in businesses of various kinds meet to exchange ideas, services, and products. If you are in need of a good supplier for a long partnership, attending such a forum can entirely change the future of your company. Forums are organized quite often and if none is available in your area, you can organize one yourself. It won’t cost a fortune and businessmen always keep an eye on these events. You will have the chance to know a lot of people who work in the same field as you do, who possess more experience compared to yours. Take advantage of this opportunity and either attend or organize a buyer meet supplier forum.


Another type of event that could boost your reputation in business is represented by conferences. During conferences, people share their latest ideas, projects, and activities, so you might have something new to learn by attending to one. Make sure that the conferences you attend are strictly related to business and to the domain you are interested in. Take notes and try to engage in conversations with people who seem like they can be part of your company management. DP business events organize such conferences and buyer meet supplier forums quite often, so keep an eye on their activity.


You should also attend training. People with the same purposes as yours will attend these training and you can make new friends and maybe they will transform into partners later. The more connections you have, the higher the chances of finding what you are looking for. With a co-founder by your side, the company you own can strive faster.

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