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Explaining the popularity of social sports in corporate environments

In general, business and workplaces are associated with a formal, restrictive environment and a strict code of conduct. However, in the past years, an interesting shift has been noticed: companies are no longer that interested in maintaining an impersonal appearance and are doing more efforts to appear human and approachable. On the one hand, this can be seen in the way that businesses present themselves to customers, using less formal jargon and friendlier visuals. On the other hand, the change can also be seen in the way management treats their staff. Due to a variety of reasons, the concept of the ideal workplace has changed and it is easier to obtain. Small cubicles and impersonal offices are being pushed away in the detriment of warm, welcoming rooms and varied teambuilding initiatives, among which we should mention social sports such as netball in London. A few decades ago, the correlation between work and sports may have seemed quite unlikely, but now, it has almost become the norm for managers to organise regular sporting events for the entire company. Here’s why.

Advocating for a healthy and balanced professional life

The dangers of burnout are already known to executives all over the world. Pushing employees to work at a fast rhythm exposes them to many health risks and there have been many cases where companies were held liable in court for the way they treated their staff. As a result, they started to create flexible schedules and incorporate healthy activities in the employee’s routines – one of them being social sports such as netball. This allows participants to relax and, considering that many jobs are very sedentary, gain some health benefits as well. Some of the world’s biggest companies, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have made major changes in their policies and included sports to encourage workers to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.

An increase in productivity

At first, it might sound counterproductive, but having some fun actually increase productivity. Social sports leagues such as Netbusters say that a considerable percentage of their clients are companies who come there for teambuilding activities. Several studies have shown that engaging in relaxing activities increasing productivity and the ability to focus. Apart from organising regular teambuilding sessions, experts also recommend managers to install foosball tables and even football fields at the workplace.

Create a stronger team

Employees who have fun together are more likely to work better together as well. This is team sports such as netball are so effective when it comes to strengthening bonds between team members. A little friendly competition creates strong relationships and, by working together, you staff will also learn to collaborate. Sometimes, getting to know co-workers is quite difficult in a formal office environment, a social activity is a great way to break the ice. Companies that organise sports teambuilding sessions often offer discounts for groups, so there is no reason not to get in touch with one today.

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