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Facing mental illness like a winner – success stories

Sometimes, people believe that they are the only ones that go through a difficult situation. In fact, there are so many others out there that probably experienced what you are going through at the moment that you would get inspired by only reading their stories. When facing mental illnesses, people feel hopeless and insecure about their situation. In reality, they can get help from many places. Reading success stories of people who managed to fight depression, addiction, anxiety or other situations like these should motivate you to keep on. You are not the only one who is struggling with mental health issues at the moment, so read more about this topic and see what path to choose to move further.


Famous people went through it

The strongest example that will motivate you to step out there and seek help is represented by the stories of famous people who were depressed or addicts at a certain point in their lives. Celebrities that struggled with addiction or depression but eventually managed to overcome their situations should be idols for people who think they can’t survive a mental health issue. There are always solutions for all problems that occur in life.

Substance abuse, sleep deprivation, busy work schedules, responsibilities or traumas are all factors that can trigger a mental health issue, and what’s even worse is that all people face those at least once in a lifetime. It depends on you whether you remain strong and fight back or you let the problem take over your whole life. Learn from the overwhelming stories of Kristen Bell, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato or even the famous J. K. Rowling who stated that the dementors in Harry Potter were, in fact, creations of her depression.

Your friends and family went through it

You might believe that you are the single one in your whole circle of friends or in your entire family that faces depression or other mental health issues. Well, you are definitely not. If you’d open up about your situation a little bit more, close friends or family members might surprise you with their stories. Find out if you suffer from depression by talking to people who already went there and know how to handle it better than you do. Reaching for a helping hand is always a good idea, regardless how bad the situation is in your perception. 

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