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Guide for companies that have employees working in the night shift

Numerous companies have employees working in the night shift. While there are companies that are offering services 24/7, there are also companies that work only during nighttime. For example, if the company is working on the city infrastructure, then it is preferred the team to do their job during night, because they will not disrupt the traffic this way. According to the lifestyle of the employees, sometimes the nightshift is considered an inconvenient, and there are not numerous people who prefer to work when the sun goes down. But if you are running a company that has employees who work during night, then you have to be aware that there are also hazards associated with this type of work. It is your job to keep your employees safe, and they have to receive training on how they should behave in case they are facing a dangerous situation.


Is it legal to work during night?

Is it legal to have employees who are working during the night shift, but it is your obligation to create a safe working environment. You have to inform the employees what risks they expose themselves to when they are working during the night shift, and how they can prevent them to happen. For example, they have to know that it is important to wear infrared patches, because it will increase the safety at the work place.

What effect has the night shift on the performance of people?

It is known that when working in the night shift your physical and mental health is affected. The human body is accustomed with the daily work and night rest, but when working in the night shift you have to change the circadian rhythms. This will influence the blood pressure, digestion, metabolism, sleeping hours, waking hours, secretion of adrenaline and even body temperature. The persons who are working during nighttime regularly can experience lack of concentration, stress and fatigue. Also, because their periods of sleep are disrupted, they may not be able to accomplish their tasks at the beginning. It is your role to guide them.

How can you prevent work accidents?

It is essential for the performance of your business the employees to be safe at the work place. Therefore, you have to prevent work accidents, and to help them maintain their health.

  • You can start by ordering them the needed equipment, from reliable providers.
  • Discuss with an Infrared ID Badge Manufacturer to create them the needed badges, they to be easily noticed during night.
  • Also, educate them to understand the importance of sleep.
  • Take periodic risk assessment tests.
  • When you hire new employees, you should inform them on the possible risks they are exposing themselves when working in the night shift.
  • Make sure that the work site is lighted during night, because the greatest risk is to work in dark. Make sure that during the shift all the employees have regular rests.
  • Before starting their shift, they should have a nap of at least 2-4 hours.


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