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How important is location when choosing student accommodation?

Choosing a home for your student years is not a walk in the park. In fact, finding a property that matches your personal and financial needs can be your first test of maturity. There are a lot of practical aspects to take into consideration, such as utility prices, building condition, neighbours and amenities and understanding their ins and outs can take quite some time. In addition to all of these, you’ll also have to think about location, not only because you want to get to lectures on time, but also because you might want to have some shopping and entertainment spots near you. Here are some general rules that you should take into account before picking a spot on the map and several common mistakes that you should avoid.

Good location comes with a higher price tag

Student accommodation providers know that students want to be near their Universities, which is why they raise the prices for properties near campus. Sometimes, the financial sacrifice is worth it, because you won’t have to pay as much for public transport. Besides, student accommodation Nottingham Universities often offers superior housing conditions. However, you shouldn’t sign a lease contract just because of the location. Some landlords take advantage of the location to boost prices, but do not offer enough amenities. Don’t let yourself fooled: make a list of things that you want from your student home and don’t say yes to compromises that bring you no benefits.

What should you have near your student home?

Ideally, a student home should be right off campus, but, if you cannot afford this or you do not like any property near the University, there are great spots farther away as well. However, you should make sure that they are well connected and are near a public transport hub. You never know where you might want to get, so you should have a bus and underground station nearby. Also, grocery stores and restaurants are essential. Needless to say, you’ll probably want to have a pub or nightclub within walking distance, but try not to turn this into a decisive factor.

Is the neighbourhood student-friendly?

Learning more about your neighbourhood is essential, not only when you invest in student accommodation, but also when you buy property of any kind. It’s never an exciting prospect to walk home alone at night and fear that someone might attempt to rob you, so take a few hours to search the safest and least safe neighbourhoods in your area. The property doesn’t have to have private parking or a concierge, but it should at least have a low crime rate. Last, but not least, find out if the neighbourhood is student-friendly. To avoid awkward situations, your neighbours should be students as well, because families or elderly couples might not take kindly to late night visitors, student home parties or loud music.

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