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How to Start a Bio Produce Business

With a simple analysis in any supermarket, you will notice that organic food is starting to become more and more popular because people start being more aware of what they eat. If a few years ago, the public was skeptical about the green products, nowadays they prefer it over the highly treated and processed foods, which can determine you to start a bio produce business. Having in mind the idea of offering people healthy and natural products, here are some steps you must take when you want to start a bio produce business.

Analyze the costs

Running a bio produce business means that you will not cut on the quality and safety of the products in order to increase your incomes and that you will make sure the entire production is obtained through natural means. As in every domain, money is an important aspect and you have to analyze your budget and your costs before initiating any formalities. If you want to start a business with organic fruits and vegetables, you have to consider the upfront costs of cleaning the soil, planting the seedlings, taking care of them, and harvesting them when the time is right.

Invest in devices that will promote the growth naturally

The actual growing of bio produce will require special devices, machines, and tools that will ensure a rich harvest. Besides the soil where you will grow the fruits and vegetables, you will need additional help like a led grow light system that will ensure a thriving crop throughout the year without resorting to synthetic or harmful substances. We advise you to go for Apollo grow lights because they are very cheap yet they are surprisingly efficient. The Apollo 24 W red and blue led light is very small but it has a different coverage and the combination of red and blue light will help the plants develop throughout different growth stages. Perhaps, in the beginning, you didn’t consider the cost of such a system, but you will realize that you will be needing it in order to grow the produce indoors and in any weather condition. Read some of the latest led grow light system reviews in order to get an estimate of your overall investment.

The Bio labeling

If you start a bio produce business, you have to obtain a certification that will ensure customers that your products are 100% bio. To get this certification, you will have to fill an application that will include details on the history of the soil, the produce you are growing, and the practices and substances you use during the growing process. A certified agent will analyze your application and will determine whether or not you are eligible for the bio certification. Only the products that are more than 70% organic can be labeled as bio, so you have to be very careful while handling your produce.

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