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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business

Being a pool cleaner means you have to travel all day between locations such as homes, hotels, motels, and apartment buildings, and you have to be as efficient as you can with your time. If you want to start a pool cleaning business there are some steps you have to follow, and in the following lines we will be discussing about them.

How big do you want your business to be?

Before investing in tools and equipment, you have to take in consideration how big you want your business to be, meaning what type of jobs you will take. If you only want local jobs in cleaning residential pools, you won’t need as much as if you were to clean for hotels and motels too, for example. Therefore, decide how long you are willing to spend every day working, in what type of area you live, and how much work you can handle before moving on to the next steps.

Tools and equipment

Any professional pool cleaner comes with his own tools and equipment, not asking any help from the client. Therefore, you have to invest, depending on what type of work you intend to do, of course. Accommodate the needs of all the pools you will face, and be prepared for any situation. It’s mandatory for any pool cleaner to have a skimmer, a pool brush, a vacuum, and cleaning solutions and accessories. No matter how big or small you want your business to be, you have to look as professional as possible. Therefore, it’s wise to invest in a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are efficient at cleaning the water and the floor, walls and steps of the pool, if you choose the right model. A good robotic pool cleaner is the iRobot Mirra 530, cleaning both the water and the pool surface. It removes efficiently any type of dirt that comes its way, and it filters around 70 gallons of water per minute. It might cost $1000, but if you invest in it for you pool cleaning business, you definitely won’t regret it, making your money back easily.

Prices and discounts

As with any business, you have to make up the price for your services prior to opening it. The best way to have success in a pool cleaning business is to be reasonable with your price, and offer discounts for certain situations. For example, you can ask clients if they want to make a deal with you for a year or longer for you to come and clean their pools periodically, and depending on how long the time is they want to make the deal with you, give them a discount. If they want your services for a year, you can have a 20-30% discount for the costumers, making the offer more attractive to them this way. When a hotel or a motel asks for your services, it’s best to negotiate the price with them as well, and to make tempting offers for them to keep you as their pool cleaner for a long time.


When you want to start a pool cleaning business, you have to advertise for clients to start coming in. The best ways to advertise your business is to open a Facebook page for it, to make your own website, to spread flyers with the services you offer and their prices, and even to contact a local radio station and have a commercial there that plays in their publicity time.

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