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How to turn your organic vegetable garden into a successful business

Growing organic vegetables might prove the perfect business idea for many. Nonetheless, the efforts are substantial until you start your vegetable garden. After you succeed, you can start your own small shop or sell those in the local market and you will have yourself a successful business that will assure you a steady monthly income. However, below we have some pieces of advice on how you can start your organic garden.


Start by researching your organic fertilizer options

While fertilizer isn’t mandatory for all types of soil, in many cases it may boost your garden’s productivity, help your plants grow faster and healthier. Unfortunately, many fertilizers found nowadays on the market contain high concentrations of chemicals, which defeats the purpose of growing organic, healthy vegetables and herbs. Rotted animal manure will help your plants grow faster and healthier. Search at dedicated stores for well-rotted rabbit, horse, chicken and seep organic fertilizers since these are proved to work wonderfully for most crops. However, if your garden soil is a rich one, you can easily skip the fertilizing part.

Choose vegetables and herbs with a high market potential

Choosing to cultivate those herbs and vegetables that are more likely to sell better on your local market. For instance, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, as well as a variety of herbs, including some medicinal ones, if the state in which you find yourself allows it, would work wonderfully. Rosemary, mint, cilantro, these all are popular in all areas, so if the climate allows it, you can consider vertical planters for those and sell them at the local market, even supermarket.

Take into account crop rotation

Crop rotation is the most effective way to deter pests and allow your plans to naturally grow healthier. If you don’t implement a witty crop rotation strategy, pest and disease might accumulate in the soil and damage your plants. Since many vegetables are part of the same family, they are affected by the same diseases. The best way to prevent this from happening is a researching your options and making sure that you don’t plant two years in a row plants from the same family on the same parcel.

For healthy crops, keep your garden clean

Diseases spread rapidly in dead leaves or any type of foliage, and in order to avoid this, you want to make sure that you periodically clean your garden properly. At least once a week you should inspect your garden for dead leaves and flowers, and pick those up. Selective cleaning your crops is another great solution. Daily, walk through your garden and remove dead leaves and flowers. This will keep your crops healthy and luxurious.

Open your won organic vegetable shop

If you handle with success your crops and they end up healthy, you can start considering various financing options. Go to your bank and discuss with them your options. Alternatively, you can consider starting a GoFundMe campaign, or even self-finance. An important tip is never quitting your job unless you are certain that your shop will be a big hit.

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