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Key Facts about Student Accommodation

Thousands of children embark on university life every year, in most cases moving away from home and the comfort that is associated with it. Once you get over this traumatic episode, it is time to start looking for student accommodation. If you have missed out on university places, there are many other options from which you can choose, purpose-built Student housing Birmingham being one of them. You will find that private accommodation is cheaper in comparison to university halls of residence. In what follows is all that you need to know about student housing.

Finding accommodation is challenging

Even though in theory it might sound easy, finding accommodation is not simple at all. What is difficult is not finding a place to stay over the academic year, but rather finding a suitable one. As you will see for yourself soon enough, the experience can become challenging and the only person you can rely on is yourself. House hunting is not always the most pleasant experience because you will be required to look for signs of mould or you may be surprised to find out that you have been given the wrong address. Regardless of all these conveniences, the effort is worth it because the right housing will make your learning a lot easier.

Dealing with the landlord

When looking for housing options, you should take into consideration individual private landlords because they are more accessible than letting agencies, especially when there are problems. When doing research it is important to ask around and find out how exactly does the landlord treats the tenants. As you may know, even if you are a student, you have the exact same rights as a tenant. The landlord does not only have the legal obligation to resolve rental issues, but also to protect your deposit.

Some benefits

Choosing student housing entails certain benefits. Forts of all, you can enjoy varied facilities and you can choose with whom you would like to live. In addition to this, the residence in situated near central locations, so that you will not have difficulties getting to campus. Student properties are home to a great variety of students, so you will be exposed to many people and experiences. You enjoy more benefits than you would if you stayed in a university-run hall.

The length of the contract

A key factor that you should consider is the length of the contract offered. The average contract length is of 41 weeks, but privately provided and nomination accommodation have a 44-45 week length. In order to determine the overall level, you have to multiply the weekly rents with the length of the contract. This is the annual amount that you will have to pay and which is the most important factor in the decision making process.

The fact is that there are very few negative aspects of student housing and they do not weigh more than enjoying freedom. You can sort out most of the abovementioned aspects and enjoy your home away from home.

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