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Learn what secretarial services are

The Singapore Companies Act requires every incorporated company to appoint a secretary. The secretary is an essential component to the business. The administrative assistant helps the company manage and mitigate risks of non-compliance. As a matter of fact, the secretary is the chief support of the organisation, ensuring that things at the workplace go smoothly. For many businesses in Singapore, obtaining secretary services is realised through an outside firm. Why? Because it makes sense from a financial standpoint. The expenses are smaller compared to those associated with paying a full-time employee. Businesses outsource administrative tasks like preparation of minutes of a meeting. a1corp offers similar services in Singapore. Here is what you need to know about secretarial services.

What are secretarial services?

A secretary is very much similar to a personal assistant. This person organises work and information on behalf of the company director. Gone are the days when the administrative assistant did nothing but typewriting. Nowadays, the person performing the administrative tasks ensures services like preparing written records of the first meeting of the board of directors, bookkeeping, issuing share certificates, getting ready bank resolutions, lodgement of changes and more. The business world is more and more demanding, so it does not come as a surprise that the tasks of a company secretary are more and more demanding too. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that a secretary is not a secretary in the usual sense of the word. Experience is combined with the latest technology to bring effective secretarial services. Administrative assistants now work remotely for clients.

The perks of hiring secretarial services

• Being legally compliant. An administrative assistant makes sure that your company meets its legal obligations. Important tasks, like shareholder administration and communication, are taken care of. A corporate secretary is mandatory, so you cannot do without one. You, the director of the company, cannot act as the administrative assistant. • Not being late for AGM or annual returns. Each year, your business is required to hold your AGM and submit the Annual Returns on time. If not, you will be fined in accordance to the Companies Act. A company secretary assists you in compliance management. All corporate actions are properly documented and lodged. • Instant administrative support. A secretary ensures immediate administrative support, so you do not have to wait very much for the functions to be carried out. When you hire secretarial services, you receive much-needed support.

How to choose secretarial services

Until this point, it is clear that secretarial services offer many benefits and that you cannot do without an administrative assistant, whether virtual or real. The question is, however: how do you choose secretarial services? When you outsource the role of the secretary, you have to choose a business with a good reputation. You cannot leave the administrative tasks up to just about anyone. Another thing to pay attention to is cost. The retainer fee for corporate secretarial services should be affordable, not too high. Last but not least, the services provided by the firm should be comprehensive.

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