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Legal advice for car accident victims – Mistakes to avoid

Many car accident victims oftentimes don’t get the entire compensation they are entitled to, because they make some small, yet significant mistakes. Some accident lawyers claim that if a car accident victim would first call their attorney, before setting for a compensation with the insuring company, they would certainly receive considerably more money. However, below we have a series of mistakes to avoid for car accident victims.

Not consulting your lawyer before giving statements

Following an accident, it is very likely for an adjustor to try and tape record a statement from you. Although the individual might seem well-intended or friendly, keep in mind that their only intention is to take damaging statements so you get less money from the insurance company in the end. This is how these insurance adjusters work. They make multiple attempts to take statements from car accident victims so their compensation becomes lower.

Not seeking legal advice before signing the insurance company documents

Insurance adjustors will not only be trying to get damaging taped statements from you, but they will also try to get you sign them. This is why seeking legal advice prior to signing anything is highly important. These forms, documents and statements they will try you get you to sign are only beneficial for the insurance company, since they will allow them to pay you a smaller amount. These documents might include authorizations to see your medical files and other statements. Don’t make this mistake. Get in touch with your lawyer is you want to receive a fair and square compensation.

Not gathering all the information at the accident scene

If you gather all the important data, your lawyer will be able to build quite a strong case. Key information includes other driver’s name, plate numbers, address, the witnesses’ names and contact information, including their address, the name of the other driver’s insurance company, as well as their policy number. Take photos, get statements of the witnesses, all these for the only purpose of being backed up by precious data in court.

Not getting immediate medical care

All car accident victims must get immediate medical care. Because of multiple reasons, you should seek immediate medical care as soon as possible. All your injuries must be treated so your general health remains in normal parameters or is remediated. Another reason is that your doctor’s report provides important data regarding your injuries, thus they play an important role in establishing the amount of compensation you are entitled to. Also, many insurance companies will consider that if you were able to wait for so long, your injuries were not that serious.

You don’t follow your doctor’s instructions

Not only your physical health can deteriorate if you stop your treatment or don’t follow it at all, but not following your treatment might make insurance companies a bit suspicious regarding your injuries. Thus, even if you feel considerably better, keep taking your medication until your doctor advises you otherwise.

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