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Marketing tips for online wine and spirit shops

Liquor stores are especially more popular in difficult economies, in economies in which people prefer drinking inside rather than going out to the restaurant, having a good meal and having an alcoholic beverage. Regardless, having a liquor shop certainly represents a great business opportunity. Online shops tend to be more and more popular. But, simply having a wine and spirits shop won’t provide you with the income that you hope for. Like all businesspersons, you will have to put great efforts into advertising it and creating a comprehensive marketing strategy. Not all people know where to buy Discount Scotch from. And you have to help them find out. Below is a short list of marketing strategies that seem to work perfectly for liquor shops.


1. Build your online shop carefully

Given the fact that you’ll run your business mainly online, you must pay increased attention to the website which will host your shop. Preferably, opt for professional services offered by professional developers. They will certainly help you create the website of your dreams. Also, they will pay increased attention to making it highly responsive, user-friendly and helpful. This is a great way to retain clients. People usually avoid those websites where information cannot be found with ease, that don’t have enough information about the retailer and the company, or work faulty. Also, you want to make sure that you invest in a mobile version of your website as well. Moreover, you will be able to use the platform as a great advertising and entertainment mean. On the “Blog” section you can publish interesting articles about various beverages, inform potential buyers about your events and so on. Increased attention must be paid to the domain as well. Choose a domain that is representative for your business and avoid changing it frequently. Preferably, you would have to keep the first domain that you start with. This way, you will build a brand identity and people will be able to find you faster with more ease. If you change your domain frequently, you will get lost in the load of web pages out there.

2. Host tasting events

Although you are an online-based liquor shop, you should rent from time to time a classy restaurant and invite people to take part in a beverage tasting vent organised by you. This way, you will expand your network of potential buyers, maybe create some and even retain those. This is a great strategy usually put into practice by wine shops and manufacturers, but it could work wonders for every small online shop.

3. Social media is your most powerful tool

Since you start organizing such interesting events, it would be great if you’d have an outlet where to inform people about those, or even share interesting articles from your website’s “Blog” section. Make sure to create social media accounts on all main channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These all will increase your potential on the local market and not only.

These are only three of the easiest ways in which you can make sure that you’ll increase your potential on the local market with your online liquor shop and make quite a beautiful profit.

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