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Mistakes to avoid after a slip and fall accident

Slip and fall injuries are quite common, and as we all might know, you can make a claim for a compensatory amount following such events. However, the entire process is oftentimes compromised by the actions that follow the incident. We have some of the most common mistakes made by victims of such accidents, following those.


They refuse medical treatment

Refusing medical treatment after an accident like this will cause you unnecessary pain, not to mention that it will make the process of claiming damage considerably harder. If you don’t have papers to attest the suffering through which you’ve been, there is almost no way to make a claim. Better get medical help after such injuries and afterwards discuss with a Miami Gardens slip and fall accident lawyer what your options are.

Not sticking to their practitioner’s treatment strategy

Obviously, in order to recover properly from the injury, you must always follow your doctor’s orders and indications. If you ignore to do this, your health state might deteriorate even further and you certainly won’t be able to receive a compensatory amount for this.

Keeping the accident for yourself

When in situations of this kind, it is highly important to communicate the unfortunate event to a building manager or administrator as soon as possible. Also, be prepared to share with them any kind of useful information, such as the date and time, and any kind of evidence that you have.

Not asking for a video evidence

Most buildings have surveillance cameras installed all over the place. Make sure to ask for footage as soon as the accident happens. In case of a process, you will certainly need evidence of the event. You want to make sure that the video is not disappearing, so ask for it immediately and preserve it on multiple media supports.

Communicating details with the property owner, manager or administrator

Inform those about the event, but refrain from communicating important details to those. They are very likely to use those against you if you make an injury claim. Those aspects should only be discussed with your lawyer.

Not taking pictures

Any type of proof is welcome in case of a slip and fall injury claim. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of the scene in order to provide more materials to the lawyer. They will know what to do with those.

Give a statement to the insurance company

Don’t let yourself fooled. You don’t want to make a full statement to the insurance company. They are not looking for your best interests and this might turn out to be a bad decision.

File a lawsuit without an attorney

This may be one of the greatest mistakes made by those involved in a slip and fall accident. Legally, it is possible to file a claim without the help of a professional lawyer, but the outcome will be far from being favourable to you. Hire a professional lawyer with experience in these matters and they will certainly help you win the lawsuit.


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