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New Year’s Eve – tips for throwing an office party


Whether you have already done this in the past or not, throwing a great party is not always simple, especially when it comes to the New Year’s Eve party. In order for the party to come off as a success, you need to plan everything down to the last detail, but this does not mean that you need to invest an enormous amount of money. Moreover, the topmost thing is to spend quality time together.

Talk to your employees ahead of time

Due to the fact that you want to host the New Year’s Eve party, you need to ask your employees’ opinions first. Some of them can accept the invitation right on the spot, but others may already have plans. So it is recommended to have an early chat with your employees. Also, the more, the better. Your employees have for sure a loved one with whom they would want to come, so do not refuse their requirement. Remember, the more people come to the New Year’s Eve party, the better the atmosphere it would be. Throwing a party with a lot of people is more fun than it sounds.

Decorate the New Year’s Eve party hall

According to the number of guests that you know will come, choose a hall that is big enough for you and your employees. For example, if you have planned on having a black and white party, then add white tablecloths, black candles, and black balloons. You can also spice up the monochrome vibe with some gold touches.

Have a variety of foods to choose from

Remember that good food means good mood, so you need to choose the best recipes for your New Year’s Eve party. Hire a catering company for your event and choose recipes such as feta and spinach tartlets, grilled artichokes, sweet-and-spicy cola-glazed ham or pork roast.

Dessert table

If you continue with the black and white color scheme, then place a monochrome New Year’s banner right above the table. If you order cookies from a company that is in charge of food supplies, then you will be in good hands. So try and order desserts such as cookies and disco truffles, which are normal truffles with a twist – they are decorated with gold dust in order to look more party appropriate. You can also have cupcakes or fruit rockets as a dessert and they can easily be made in your own kitchen. To make the fruit rockets, you simply need to place whichever fruits you like on a foil skewer and you are done.

Popcorn and champagne drinks bar

Popcorn goes well with champagne, so you can have a table full of this savory combination. Also, do not forget to have a variety of Champagne drinks.

Add some festive touches

If you want your guests to look more festive and sparkly, then provide them with some glittery party hats. Furthermore, ask your guests to write their resolutions on printable cards and place them in a glass vase display. Keep them for the rest of the coming year. Also, buy some New Year’s Eve party props, hire a photograph and take a lot of pictures. They are the only memories that remain after all.

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