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Tax rebate – what every small business owner should know

As a business owner, you have certain tasks, obligations and responsibilities that you must observe. We are talking about a well-developed marketing strategy, employees’ protection and wellbeing, ensuring quality products and services, society welfare, taxes and more. However, apart from the factors that challenge your inner entrepreneur and your passion for profession, you have to know when and how to seize possible opportunities to cut down your expenses, especially if you own a small business. For instance, you have to inform yourself about the possibility of obtaining a tax rebate and other aspects that follow, such as the requirements you should meet and more importantly, how to claim a tax rebate. You should not overlook things that can help you keep a financial balance.


Transport expenses

When using the vehicle for business purposes, you can benefit from a rebate. You should mark down the parking fees, the mileage, the tolls and obviously, the reason why you had to drive to certain places, which will justify the expenses. You can also include gas and repairs. Thus, you have the possibility to keep track and make an accurate estimation of your rebate. If you run your business from home, consider it your starting point and check out the mileage after you reach the destination. If you have an office, the same principle applies.

Supplies and equipment

If your business requires you to purchase professional equipment for your workers or office supplies, you should not lose the receipts because this will help you calculate the costs of your purchases. Cleaning supplies and other items including scanners, fax machines and computers are tax-deductible. Whenever you need to replace one or more of these items, know that you have the opportunity to lower your expenses as long as it contributes to your business functionality.


If you can obtain a tax rebate when purchasing necessary products for your small business, then you obviously can benefit from essential repairs. In order to ensure the functionality and development of your business, you have to maintain the tools and the equipment in order to use them for a long time. However, you cannot stop the deterioration that appears throughout the years and you find yourself in the situation of resorting to certain repairs that could demand you to make a great financial investment. This can affect your profit if you do not claim a tax rebate.

How to claim a tax rebate

We saved the best for last, namely how to claim a tax rebate. Even though you are familiar with the type of expenses could help you obtain a rebate, you still have to know what the procedure is. Well, is not as difficult as you think. You just need to fill in an application and include the expenses for your business and your estimated rebate. Then, you have to receive an answer that confirms or not the tax rebate. In the first case, you will receive the adequate amount of money in various ways, through cheques or through a deposit directly into your bank account.

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