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Taxi or Public Transportation – What Option is Better

When you visit a new town you have plenty of transportation options from which to choose, but you have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of every one of them and see which one is more suitable to your needs. Because you are new in town you will need some help when you would want to get from a place to another, and even if you see people who walk, or drive their own cars, this is not an option for you. You do not know the streets and surroundings and you would not be able to find your destination or you will get lost. Therefore, you have two options, either to take public transportation or a Gloucester taxi. Both of them seem a suitable solution, but take a look at the main difference between them.

Time saving

When trying to get to your workplace for example, time is the main factor you consider, and when you compare these two means of transportation, you would notice that you save more time if you choose taxi. If you choose public transportation, you will have to wait for the vehicle in the station, and walk from the station to your destination. In this way, you would spend more time that you would probably do if you were taking a taxi. You only have to call the company, state them your location and a car will be waiting for you just a few minutes after you make the call.

Money saving

You might not believe but taking a taxi could help you save more money than you would do if you would have to travel with public transportation. There are situations when you have to change between different means of transportation to get to your destination, and you will have to pay a certain fee when taking every one of them. When you calculate all the tickets at the end of the day, you will notice that you paid a lot more than you would have done if you had taken a taxi.


You might not be exactly the person who likes crowded space, and let’s face it, public transportation can be characterised by exactly this word “crowded”. Therefore, taking a taxi would be more comfortable for you, because you are the only person who travels with the car, and you will not have to share it, in case you do not want to. Also, there are mornings when you wake up early, and you do not have time to finish your make up or style your hair, so you can do it in the taxi in your way to the office. In case you had no time to drink your coffee, well then it would not be as pleasant as you would want if you try to do it while traveling with public transportation, because you can spill it on the other passengers. But when travelling by taxi you can drink your coffee peacefully, and even eat a croissant if you want.

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