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Team building activities: creating a unified corporate group

Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your corporate team? Do you have to manage employee conflicts in the office more often than you would like? Do you notice a lack of communication between the new and old employees? Do certain members of the group focus on their personal achievements thus impeding the entire team to cooperate for a common goal, namely the growth of the company? Do you face disappointment when assessing the progress of your employees? Do you believe that your corporate team needs a morale boost? Well, team building events and activities represents great ways to strengthen the relationships within your group. If you want to increase efficiency and cohesiveness within the office, then you should personally engage in entertaining and bonding activities with your employees and develop strong team skills by working in order to bring a shared vision to life.


Team building activities that your employees will love

Whether we are talking about doing community service, building a campfire, attempting blind drawing or even playing a challenging type of sport, these group activities will definitely make a difference by increasing communication and improving collaboration between your employees. Have you noticed the concentration, motivation and team spirit of players participating in London 5 aside football leagues? They almost read each other’s mind and develop intelligent tactics in order to become the winning team. You must follow their example and go beyond lunch discussions, read-at-work book clubs and group mentoring.

Besides the activities mentioned above, you have many other options available to choose from including “three truths and a lie” indoors or outdoors, which represents the perfect opportunity for new and old employees to get to know each other better and “the perfect shape”, which enables trust and requires the use of leadership qualities and communication skills. A brainstorming and relaxing activity that helps your employees understand the importance of each department within the company is organizational Jenga. An exciting outdoor activity that will improve decision-making and collaboration at the workplace refers to Scavenger Hunt. In fact, you can even play 5 Aside Football because not only it provides mental benefits, but also enhances physical resilience.

Involve remote teams in bonding activities as well

Remote teams can also engage in team building activities; not physically, but virtually. With internet connection, video chat apps and file sharing tools, you have the possibility to come up with great ideas for which distance does not represent an obstacle. What do you think about an online karaoke party? It definitely represents an icebreaker and enables team bonding. You all need to have microphones and speakers in order to challenge teammates to a voice battle and let loose. If you do not feel comfortable in such a position, then you can opt for numerous games like catchphrase or charades via Skype; both of them are effective and fun collaboration exercises. You cannot go wrong with classic party games.  Since online multiplayer games represent a popular pastime nowadays, you can give it a try as well.

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