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The close relationship between business people and their cell phones

The passage of time transformed cell phones from luxury into necessity, especially for the business environment. In fact, more and more companies out there invest in the latest communication devices for increasing the productivity and efficiency in the office. Regardless of their location, whether at home, on site, in different cities or even countries, business owners can stay in touch with their employees, their customers or their partners. When being responsible for a large company’s management and success, you cannot solve unexpected issues and emergencies on your own. For this reason, having the necessary communication means constantly at your disposal gives you the possibility to contact the lawyer, the accountant, the unhappy customer or any other person who plays an important role in the smooth functioning of your company. A simple mobile phone becomes invaluable for an entrepreneur who relies on others to get his business off the ground or for a businessperson who wants to exceed the limits imposed by the industry and become a leader.

How do cell phones help employees and employers?

By far, the biggest advantages offered by cell phones include permanent accessibility, connectivity, portability and convenience. For this reason, you could never ask an employee or his superior to break up with his mobile phone. This means that he must give up to many opportunities and occasions allowing him to reach another level, to evolve. Just like computers, these portable devices are essential in business environment. The majority of business managers keep not only a mobile phone in their pocket at all times, but other means of communication as well in their vehicle. Because of this, you rarely see a businessperson having lunch without a cell phone in the other hand or on the table. In fact, if they receive a call, but they cannot answer right away, they immediately use reverse phone search to discover who’s phone number appeared on the screen. This proves that they barely get a second of rest and taking into account the fierce competitiveness in the business world, who even has time to rest?

Do mobile phones blur the line between family life and work?

Indeed, on one hand, mobile phones allow employees to receive and make calls during the program, to communicate with other co-workers and attend important meetings. On the other hand, they allow business owners to close partnerships internationally, to access crucial data thanks to internet connection, to tackle any unanticipated problem and maximize the company’s revenue. However, can all these people draw the line between business and personal life? Does having a cell phone for business purposes affect their family life? The reality is that resisting the urge to use these small devices for other purposes is almost impossible. Distractions are everywhere, particularly in the virtual world. Some employees do not know how to draw the line between their work and family so they use mobile phones in the most inappropriate moments. For instance, they start chatting with friends when in the office or they handle projects from home.

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