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The levitating speaker answers your portable needs

Average Bluetooth speakers are low in quality, so if you are looking for the loudest speaker available, you should not make them your first choice. What you should do instead is opt for a levitating speaker, which is far from being ordinary. This smart device will allow you to effortlessly listen to music on the move; the rotating orb of the speaker is capable of playing loud music as it floats in the air owing to its magnetic base. Playing music through the air does make sense as long as you use a portable Bluetooth speaker. So, before you dismiss Bluetooth speakers altogether, read this article to learn more about why a levitating speaker is better.

The loudest Bluetooth speaker of all time

Audio quality is pretty reputable in the levitating speaker industry. Devices such as those reviewed at levitating-speaker.com are well known for their high-end audio performance. Most levitating speakers output 100 decibels, which means that they have leading battery life without sacrificing your audio pleasure. Basically, levitating Bluetooth speakers are capable of playing continuous music at an increased volume. What is more, thanks to the levitating effect, the audio effect is enhanced since the device does not absorbs nearby sounds. The bottom line is that the audio quality will make you want to embrace the levitating speaker over your lovely stereo.

What about portability?

While you can leave the speaker float above the magnetic base, or you can take anywhere else to enjoy your favorite tunes. It is pretty handy taking into consideration that you have a portable speaker when you are out and about. You can take your music wherever you want, not to mention that if you purchase two speakers, you can boost the sound intensity by creating a multi-speaker system. Some speakers are tiny, while others are a little bit weightier, but this does not reduce the portability effect and a larger device will play louder music.

The latest technology

The reason why a levitating speaker is capable of giving the same end performance like the music system is that it has the latest technology used in it. There are Levitating Bluetooth speakers that are especially designed for iPod or smartphone, so all you have to do is pair the two devices. While some brands will connect with virtually any device, others only connect with specific smartphones or laptops that have Bluetooth. It is needless to say that due to the technology incorporated in them, levitating Bluetooth speakers are much expensive in price. To conclude, the levitating speaker answers all your portable needs. It can travel with you, it has solid battery life and built quality that is more than enough for a backpack ride. While there is no absolute winner regarding levitating speakers, it is important to pay attention to the fact that they have different amounts of portability. The best system is the one that gives the best audio experience, has a high degree of mobility and an affordable price tag. Once you find your match, you should use your new found power wisely.

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