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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Any Student

Whether you are living in student accommodation or you have a friend who lives there, even though for many people student life is all about sleeping until lunchtime and recover from hangovers, but there is so much more than that. This is why, if you are looking for something other than a stereotypical gift, here are a few ideas that anyone living in student housing Notting Hillstudent housing Notting Hill will most definitely appreciate:

Gig tickets

A couple of good theatre or gig tickets could be an amazing gift, especially for someone who would love to see a show, but cannot really afford to buy these tickets. You will impress your friend with this gift and they will value your friendship that much more.

Portable phone charger

If you are tired of how many times your friend could not answer his phone because he ran out of battery, a portable battery could be the perfect gift for him. Portable batteries can charge a device up to 3 times, so now your friend will never have another excuse to not answer his phone.

Personalised coasters

You could use pictures of your favourite moments spent together or print various messages on them. This is a fun and inexpensive gift that will bring a smile on someone’s face and will come in very handy around the house.

A bean bag

This is soon become your friend’s favourite place to sit on in the common room while watching TV or playing video games. In fact, it might just become the favourite resting place of the entire house. Bean bags are extremely versatile and they will definitely be very useful in a student house, because there is always a shortage of chairs and places to sit whenever they have guests over (and they always have guests over).

A magazine subscription

This will be the gift that keeps on giving. If you know for a fact that your friend has a favourite magazine, this is an awesome gift. They will not have to worry about buying the magazine from the news-stands, because they will find it at their door. In addition, your fellow student friend will have the chance to look for something other than bills, whenever they check the mail.

Fun sofa cushions

If you have heard your friend complain much too often that their common room is not personal enough, a couple of nice decorative cushions will be an excellent gift. Choose something fun and colourful for the best effect. Now everyone will be able to sit comfortably on the sofa and their room will look much better as well.

To conclude, when you are looking for gifts for students you have plenty of affordable options to choose from. So you should think of what your friend likes in general and choose something accordingly. Whether you choose something from this list of suggestions or you come up with your own ideas inspired from them, as long as you offer something thoughtful, your friend will definitely appreciate the gesture.

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