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The unsaid benefits of company cars

Not every company provides company cars to employees and this usually happens because of extra taxes. Some companies consider company cars to be an extra expense to no purpose but in reality, company cars have more pros than cons. Moreover, owning a car is essential, particularly if there are job-related tasks that need to be performed. Company cars have started to gain a lot of popularity in the recent years and around half of all the new cars sold every year are sold to companies in order to be used as company cars.


Specialized vehicles are a must-have for some companies

Depending on the type of company that you own, you will be more or less bound to use company cars. For instance, if you own a transport company, then you will for sure need to provide company cars to employees. Service trucks, delivery vehicles, or vans are great for transporting equipment.


It all comes down to your corporate image

Some companies use company cars only for one reason, namely how they will be perceived by potential clients and rival companies. And let’s be honest! Showing up to a meeting in an old vehicle has an undesired impact on the image of the company, creating the idea of an unsuccessful business, even when it is not the case. So a clean and newer vehicle can have a big impact even when it is just parked.


Company cars add valuable benefits to employees

Not every employee has a vehicle, so providing a company car has some benefits for your employees. For example, they will no longer need to rely on public transportation, meaning that they will easily get to the workplace. Moreover, if you want, you can add your company’s logo on the cars in order to showcase your brand. Also, a company car comes in handy when employees need to travel to meetings. This means that they can forget about how unpleasant it is to wait around for a taxi.


The new Acura ILX Sedan 2018 – a good choice for a company car

Providing company cars does not always mean choosing the most expensive cars that you can buy. Cheaper is sometimes better, and so is the case with the 2018 Acura ILX at Edmunds. It is a roomy company car option, having excellent leg room and enough cargo space. The seats are comfortable and the front doors open nicely and widely. Moreover, the Acura ILX is fuel-efficient and is secure when driving.

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