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Tips for Opening a Successful Day Spa

In recent years, there are many people who love going to the day spa in order to relax and forget about their worries and problems that are related to work or other aspects in their lives. If you have always wanted to open a day spa, now it’s the time to do it. You only need to have some courage, patience and fresh new ideas. You’ll soon learn that it’s very easy to open a spa, especially if you follow these simple tips.

Open hours

The first thing that you have to do before the opening day, it’s to determine the hours of operation so that you can receive a high number of customers during the day. Don’t settle for a 9-5 industry, because during this time most people are not available, so you can quickly lose your business due to lack of clients. Generally speaking, beauty salons, including spas are open all week from 10 am to 6 or 7 pm and even during holidays, you’ll be surprised to find out how many people go to the spa before Christmas, New Year’s eve or before the Thanksgiving party. You should therefore consider leaving your day spa open seven days a week and even add an extra hour on Sunday.

Determine the right prices

In order to attract customers you need to take into consideration which is the suitable pricing of your spa services. If you set prices for your services too high you might lose potential customers or limit considerably the number of clients. On the other hand, if you set prices too low, you can put your business to risk, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. When determining the right prices for your business, you must take into account these following aspects: the cost of labor and supplies, other costs required to operate your day spa and profit.

What kind of services are you willing to offer

The range of spa services is very wide, but the main services offered at a day spa are the following: skin and body care, makeup and hair removal and if you wish you can also offer nail services, including manicure, pedicure and hand or foot massage. Make sure to include in the skin and body spa services full body massage, facial and hand/foot massage, wraps and packs, facials and body exfoliation, body tanning and hydrotherapy treatments. For makeup services, offer cosmetics application, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, color analysis, ear piercing and many more. As for hair removal services, waxing, eyebrow arching and electrolysis are the most popular spa services. Here’s another great tip: if you want to make your day spa stand out from the rest, then you should consider installing several saunas. You can either choose to install an infrared or a steam sauna or even both so that customers can choose which one is best for their needs. We advise you to read some infrared sauna reviews, as these saunas seem to be the most popular options at the moment. When reading various infrared sauna reviews, take some notes about the health benefits of these saunas, so that you can present them properly to your clients. This way, you will make the saunas more attractive to your customers, who probably don’t know very much about saunas, other than the fact that they help you sweat toxins. However, infrared saunas have other benefits as well, as the infrared light penetrates the body and can even activate the internal organs.

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