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Translating your marketing materials for international export success

Exporting your products and services is something that you’ve been meaning to do for some time now, yet you haven’t gotten around to do it. You know what they say: there’s no better time like the present. You have a solid marketing plan in place as well as tangible goals. What you don’t have is an adaptation of the marketing materials. Having your marketing campaign translated into the target language is worth it. If you want to attract international audiences, you have to speak their language. Despite the fact that many people speak English, this doesn’t translate in their buying behaviour. Translating marketing materials is a very good idea from a business standpoint.

How to translate your marketing materials

It’s true that translation can help international audiences better perceive your business, but if the translation isn’t done right you won’t achieve the same result. Sure, you may be fluent in foreign languages, but this isn’t enough to be a competent translator. When it comes to getting your message across to international customers, you need to hire Lingvohouse.com certified translations services. What you need to understand is that translating things like marketing brochures, websites, newsletters, ad copy or and catalogues isn’t easy. On the contrary, it involves a great deal of work. The best thing you can do is hire specialists, that is if you want to convince the global audience that you can operate in a foreign language. Languages to target for international marketing

Having your marketing campaign has never been easier thanks to professional translation agencies . Making decisions about the languages to target isn’t as easy because there are many options available. Even though there are many opportunities, making a choice is rarely easy. So, what do you do? What you need to do right now is take a look at the following list:

• Spanish. Companies regularly target Spanish-speaking audiences. Why? Because it’s the second most spoken language in the world. Some of the best campaigns are those that are created for the Spanish market, the success being owed to the great number of native and non-native speakers around the globe. Your next big opportunity is the Hispanic market. • Chinese. If Spanish is spoken by millions of people, Chinese is spoken by billions of people. Chinese-speaking people make up a large portion of the global economy and they-re worth considering. The only way you’ll get the attention of the shopping population is by addressing them in their native language. • German. Have your website and marketing materials adapted to the German language. people who have German as a mother tongue represent the highest percentage of Internet users. Plus, they want info in German. If you hope to reach large international audiences, don’t forget about German. • Japanese. Translating a marketing campaign into Japanese should be a priority. Japan has a population of 125 million people, not to mention that the Japanese are willing to pay for quality products and services. Having your marketing materials translated shows your potential customers that you are willing to commit to the Japanese market.

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