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Types of pin-up dresses every vintage shop should have


Some fashionistas are always on the lookout for the latest contemporary trends, mixing and matching platform sneakers with ripped jeans and oversized bomber jackets. Others find joy in classic vintage clothes that give off elegance, femininity and sensuality. For them, there is nothing more exciting than browsing thrift shops, attending vintage fashion events and looking for online stores that specialise in vintage clothes. The vintage style consists of course of various types of clothing but the dress is without a doubt the one that stands out the most. It is the classic staple that can transform any woman into a diva and inspire the timeless appeal of the 30s and 40s. If you have a vintage shop, then these are the designs that you should offer your clients. 

Casual pin-up dresses

In the past years, more and more women have rediscovered the charm of vintage fashion, but not all of them are ready to go all the way and purchase elaborate pin-up dresses because they’re not sure how to wear them on a daily basis. That’s why casual pip-up dresses are an excellent “entry-level” purchase. If you check the designs on pinupdresses.co.uk you’ll see that these casual pin-up dresses have a few distinguishable vintage elements, but they’re easy to wear and accessorise with other modern clothes.

Floral prints

Pin-up and floral prints go hand in hand. Large or small, black and white or colourful, flowers on vintage dresses inspire femininity, class, elegance and charm. While you’re stocking up on vintage pin-up dresses, make sure you dedicate an entire section of the store just to floral prints and your clients will definitely love it.

Stripes & polka dots

The marine trend is still going strong, even after all these years, and stripes are one of its defining traits. At the same times, polka dots are always in style, so if you’re looking for two prints that you can never go wrong with, these two options are great. While stripes are usually black and white or white and navy, with polka dots you can experiment with all colours, especially red, pink and pastels.

Sexy corset pin-up dresses

All of the designs above are really popular and they can be cute and romantic but, in essence, the pin-up style is all about being sexy. When the pin-up trend first appeared, women loved it because it emphasized their curves and inspired confidence and sensuality. So, any true vintage shop should have a decent collection of sexy pin-up dresses for all sizes. These are the tightfitting dresses, featuring corsets and buckles. Paired with high heels, black stockings and a hair accessory, these dresses are simply irresistible and no matter the whims of fashion they will always hold a dear place in fashionista’s hearts.

Once you have all these dresses in your vintage shop, you might also want to invest in matching collections of accessories and shoes. Details like hats, clutch bags, fans and velvet gloves can put an outfit together and for you, as a store manager, they bring in extra revenue.

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