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Useful guide to choosing an office chair

Most people return exhausted at home after working in the office, even though most of the time, they sit on the chair. However, few people realize that they contribute to that exhaustion by having a wrong sitting position the entire day. This can put stress on their spine and lead to back pain. On the long term, it might even lead to serious consequences. If you fall into the same category then you should know that choosing the right office chair and using it properly is very important for both your health and your comfort. The time spent in the office does not have to be stressful for your mind and harmful for your body. Those people who already have a recliner chair in their homes can strongly confirm that it probably represents their best financial investment.  They can sit comfortably while watching TV and they can even take a nap from time to time because the semi-reclined position is ideal especially for those people suffering from sleep apnea.


Aspects to keep in mind when choosing a recliner

Nevertheless, taking into consideration the multitude of options available on the market, choosing the right recliner chair for your needs seems a difficult task. You are right because you have to keep in mind various aspects when shopping for that perfect recliner chair including adjustability, seat depth and width, material, padding, lumbar support and adjustment controls. Yes, in case you were not familiar with recliners, they can provide all these options and more. Probably because of this, some people prefer to spend most of their time sitting in the recliner. It just gives them a feeling of relaxation and peace, not to mention that it helps with medical problems.

Material and adjustability are important

Make sure that your office chair has breathable upholstery. After all, you are going to sit in it almost the entire day and the material must be pleasant to the touch. If your body touches an itchy or abrasive material, it will overheat and you want to prevent that from happening. Therefore, medium texture upholstery represents the best choice and even experts can confirm it. The chair adjustability must give you the possibility to switch positions as you please throughout the day without having to use a tool. For this reason, be smart and try to adjust the chair before purchasing it or even ask the seller for a demonstration; he will not mind.

Pay attention to the comfort of your back, arms and shoulders

When sitting in the same position for a long period, you have to think about your legs, arms and most importantly, your back. The recliner chair encourages you to move thus letting the oxygen and blood flow properly. While allowing you to move, they also provide the needed support for your entire body. You know that your current office chair is not suitable for you if it forces you to shrug your shoulders because you cannot put your elbows on the armrests. You do not want to make the same mistake again. For this reason, giving your recliner a test before buying it represents a crucial step.

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