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What are the best types of flatmates you could hope for?

College is definitely one of the best times in any person’s life and a true rite of passage for everyone. If you are about to rent a Student accommodation Nottingham Universities, you should hope to have one of the following types of roommates, because you will definitely enjoy every moment spent in their company. These are the perfect types of roommates that any person should hope for: The one who can cook You will never starve as long as you have this roommate because they will always be cooking something delicious. You should make friends with them and maybe make an arrangement where you all pitch in for the ingredients and they volunteer to cook tasty meals. You may begin by hoarding cans of baked beans and noodles, but as soon as you will smell whatever this roommate is cooking, you will surely want to be able to sit at their table and taste whatever they are cooking. In addition, you may even learn a few tips and tricks from them. You may finish college not only with a bachelor degree in whatever your speciality was, but also with some cooking skills that will surely come in handy later on. The party-goer This is that type of roommate who will always have some party or get-together to attend, regardless of the night of the week or of the hour. They are the ones who will come home at 3am in the morning and they will still be in the mood for partying. The advantage of having this type of roommate is that you will ever get bored in their company and you will always have a party to attend whenever you are in the mood. However, be sure to lay the ground rules and ask them to avoid bringing people over to your home, but rather take the party outside. The superscrimper This roommate will always know the best deal in town when it comes to food and various supplies for your home, which is why they will always be in charge of the shopping, which means that you won’t have to worry about anything. They will manage the budget of the house and they will always make sure to save anything they can. Even though they may look as if they are overdoing everything, if you give them a chance, you will notice that they do mean well and you may even learn some budgeting tips yourself, that will help you later in life. The best friend This is the person you will get along with from the very beginning. You will share the same taste in music and movies, you will enjoy the same type of humour and you will always get along just fine. If you find this type of roommate, you are one lucky person, because they will make you entire college experience unforgettable and they will be by your side in every important moment of your life.

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