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Why Install Tilt and Turn Windows

If you are building your home and do not know what type of windows has more benefits, then you should take into consideration purchasing Tilt and Turn windows. They are very versatile have become very popular lately. Depending on the country or even town, you build your house you will see differences in the style of windows your neighbours used. These windows are very popular in Europe, but architects, designers and homeowners brought them in North America. They can be installed by simply contracting a company as http://www.ecochoicewindows.ca, which provides these windows in different styles. How Tilt and Turn windows work The main thing you observe when you see these windows at someone’s house is that they can be opened in two ways. You have the option of opening them as you open a casement window, on a hinge at the side. The other option that makes them special is that they can be opened on a hinge on the bottom of the window, as if you would open a hopper window. Therefore, Tilt and Turn windows are a combination between two types of windows, and the user can enjoy the cumulated benefits. Advantages of Tilt and Turn windows They can be double, triple or quadruple glazed, so you can select the option that best suits you. You can choose either the version made from timber, or the one from clad timber. They are perfect if you want larger opening lights because the hinge system and frame is very strong. They are cost effective because they have only the tilt and turn configurations, which means that the manufacturer will use less ironmongery. If you need angled or curved head units, Tilt and Turn windows are the right choice. The greatest benefit you will have when using them is that they have a U value. If you want to compare the U values of a triple glazed system of these ones and the one of an outward open window, you will see that it is over 30% greater. Tilt and Turn windows have thicker glazing packages, often up to 52 mm. Also, you will benefit from a greater security when using them because they feature the espagnollette system that locks around the entire surface of the glass, and the result is that a person will find impossible to force it without having to destroy the whole window. In addition, you will benefit from a superior type of windows that give you airtightness, both acoustically and thermally. Improve your life with Tilt and Turn windows.

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