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Basic steps to improve your credit control

Every company has difficulties and faces challenging situations that can influence its evolution. If you wish to preserve a successful business, you must be prepared to handle future problems that can seriously affect your company. A late or bad payer represents the main obstacle that can influence and even kill your profit, so taking action […]

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Do you have to register a “Pay as You Go” phone?

This question crossed the mind of those using pay-as-you-go mobile phone plans more than once, probably. But luckily, the Internet is a very resourceful place, where you can find pretty much all pieces of information needed for different purposes. However, finding reliable information is not always easy since there are plenty of unwilling or ill-informed […]

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Signs you may need a new sump pump

The majority of businesses headquarters feature a basement, where people store different items and old paperwork. If you manage a business and your building has a basement, then you may have invested in carpeting it, for being a suitable space for stocking items. But, one day you may have to deal with your worst nightmare, […]

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Legal advice for car accident victims – Mistakes to avoid

Many car accident victims oftentimes don’t get the entire compensation they are entitled to, because they make some small, yet significant mistakes. Some accident lawyers claim that if a car accident victim would first call their attorney, before setting for a compensation with the insuring company, they would certainly receive considerably more money. However, below […]

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Learn what secretarial services are

The Singapore Companies Act requires every incorporated company to appoint a secretary. The secretary is an essential component to the business. The administrative assistant helps the company manage and mitigate risks of non-compliance. As a matter of fact, the secretary is the chief support of the organisation, ensuring that things at the workplace go smoothly. […]

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Tips for protecting your gallery collection

So, you’re a gallery owner. It’s your job to make sure that the fine art pieces displayed are in optimal condition. Simply put, your day doesn’t end when you find clients. This doesn’t mean though that cultivating a dedicated customer base isn’t important. What you have to understand is that valuables pieces of art are […]

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